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Toro 60V Battery-Powered Stick Edger Review 51833

Toro 60V Stick Edger Gives Lawn Savvy Homeowners A Competitive Edge

If you’re like me and want your lawn looking its best, edging is a critical step in achieving a clean look. The gas and corded edgers of yesteryear are giving way to battery-powered options like the Toro 60V Stick Edger. We put it to the test on our lawns to see how its performance compares to your other options.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quiet operation
  • Load sensing blade start


  • Working height is a little low for taller people
  • Motor housing can drag on overgrown edges

Toro 60V Battery-Powered Stick Edger Performance

To really put this edger through its peace, we headed out to a couple of different lawns that included severely neglected areas to see if we could both shape and maintain the borders.

Cut Quality

Toro’s RunSmart 3-phase brushless motor cranks out up to 7000 RPMs so overgrown grass and weeds are no issue. The 8-inch blade didn’t bind up or stall out as we’ve seen with some lower-powered battery alternatives and it took a lot to force a significant drop in the RPMs.

We did have to back up and re-cut a few areas where the encroaching grass was thicker than it first appeared. The issue wasn’t power—it has plenty of muscle as a gas replacement for homeowner needs. Instead, the motor housing gets in the way when growth runs onto the concrete. Species such as our St. Augustine can get pretty thick on neglected lawns and impede your otherwise smooth progress.

Toro 60V Battery-Powered Stick Edger

Bull 60V Battery-Powered Stick Edger Design Notes

Size and Weight

From tip to tail the edger measures 67 inches and weighs 11.69 pounds with the 2.0Ah battery in place. Its motor is mounted on the “business-end” rather than on the rear like many traditional gas edgers. Doing this shifts some of the weight so it rests on the wheel instead of your arms. The trade-off is the wiring that has to run through the shaft to the motor.

With the 2.0Ah battery, the Toro 51833 has a nice balance and the handle offers a secure grip you can walk behind without much effort.

Depth Adjustment and Ergonomics

Like most edgers, the wheel is adjustable to help you dial in the best combination of cutting depth and fit for your height. It’s not perfect, though, and people over 6-feet tall are likely to want a wider wheel adjustment range or longer shaft.

This doesn’t affect the use of the tool other than you’ll need to hold the edger a little lower in order for the wheel to make contact with the ground. If you’re tall and already prone to minor back pain, having to bend lower with this edger can be uncomfortable.

For those of you that aren’t as tall, the edger is very easy and comfortable to use—just stick with the smaller battery packs to keep the weight and balance the best.

Toro 60V Battery-Powered Stick Edger

Grip and Trigger

The main grip fits well in my medium-size hands and includes a three-finger trigger and thumb safety on top. Additionally, the adjustable front handle offers stability and helps isolate your hand from any excessive vibrations.

Toro 60V Battery-Powered Stick Edger


Similar to the Toro 60V Pole Saw, Toro’s 60V stick edger has a 2-piece collapsable shaft. which is great when storage space is in short supply. Even though you can separate the shaft, the wiring inside it is still connected from the top to the bottom, and we have some long-term concerns about the effects of collapsing it after each use. If you have the space, we recommend storing the edger with the shaft connected.

Additional Features

  • Steel skid plate
  • Plastic blade guard
  • Cast aluminum motor housing

Toro 60V Battery-Powered Stick Edger Price

The Toro 60V stick edger retails for $249.99 as a kit including a single 2.0Ah battery and charger. If you’re already on the battery platform, the edger is also available for $199.99 as a bare tool. The tool and battery both carry a 3-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

Toro’s 60V stick edger is a great solution for homeowners who want to keep their lawns looking sharp and tidy. Whether you’ve been dreaming about leaving your extension cords behind for cordless convenience or thinking about kicking the can on your gas model, it has the performance to define and maintain the edges around your driveway, walkways, and flowerbeds. The only concerns are that tall people may need to bend down a bit while they’re using it and the housing can get in when you’re defining overgrown areas.

To explore the full Toro 60V Flex-Force lineup, click here.

Toro 60V Battery-Powered Stick Edger Specifications

  • Model: Bull 51833
  • Power Source: Bull 60V Max battery
  • Length: 67 in.
  • Blade Diameter: 8 in.
  • Max speed: 7000RPM
  • Max cutting depth: 1.75 in.
  • Warranty: 3-year tool and battery
  • Price: $249.99 (kit), $199.99 (bare tools)

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